• Producent: Philips
  • Kategoria: Telewizory LED
  • Przekątna ekranu: 32 "
  • Rozdzielczość: 1080p - Full HD
  • Jasność ekranu: 280 cd/m2
  • Złącza HDMI: 2
  • Złącza USB: 1
  • Wejścia Euro: 1
  • Szerokość: 79.8 cm
  • Pobór mocy: 35 W
  • Pobór mocy w trybie czuwania: 0.3 W
  • Standard Vesa: 100 x 100
  • Klasa energetyczna: A
Stylish in design and great for value. The Philips 4100 TV with Digital Crystal Clear features Full HD picture quality, high contrast and clear sound reproduction. Experience effortless entertainment from this simple-to-use model. USB for multimedia playback Share the fun. Connect your USB memory-stick, digital camera, mp3 player or other multimedia device to the USB port on your TV to enjoy photos, videos and music with the easy to use onscreen content browser. Slim, refined stands communicate lightness When setting out to create a new TV, our teams consider every aspect: from technology to design. Our new edge feet were engineered to create space beneath your TV where a traditional stand would normally sit, offering you a more immersive viewing experience. The effect? A TV that stands confidently with a nod to the future. Digital Crystal Clear for precision you'll want to share For natural-looking pictures from any source, Philips created Digital Crystal Clear. Whether you're indulging in your favourite programmes, movies or the news, or are simply having a few friends over for a night in, you'll enjoy it all in optimal contrast, colour and sharpness. Full HD LED TV—brilliant LED images with incredible contrast Picture Quality matters. Regular HDTVs deliver quality, but you expect more. Imagine crisp detail paired with high brightness, incredible contrast and realistic colours for a true to life picture. Two HDMI input ports and Easylink for integrated connectivity Avoid cable clutter with a single HDMI cable to carry both picture and audio signals from your devices to your TV. HDMI uses uncompressed signals, ensuring the highest quality from source to screen. Together with Philips Easylink, you'll need only one remote control to perform most operations on your TV, DVD, Blu-ray, set top box or home theatre system.

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